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Answers to Common Questions


How can I prevent damage?

Use a quality pad. This prevents movement and wrinkling. You might want to dry out the rug in humid climates. Frequent vacuuming will get the fiber damaging dust out.


I have spill stains on my rug. What do I do?

It is best to clean up immediately by blotting the soiled area with an absorbent towel. Do not use any chemicals! Water and mild soap can be used but we advise that you take it to a cleaning expert. Drop by or call for an estimate.


I want to store my rug. Is there anything special I should do?

Yes. If not stored correctly, you are at the mercy of insect damage. Bring it in and we will have it cleaned, treated and professionally wrapped for you.


Repairing Service


Cleaning Service



Showroom 1
3499 Sacramento St.
San Francisco CA 94118
Phone: 415-567-1965
Fax: 415-567-1440
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