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boga oriental rugs

When making a decision to purchase, clean or repair your oriental rugs, you are most often confronted with the question - which dealer has the knowledge, experience, the product variety and, most of all, is trustworthy? As an Interior Designer you will have many more concerns about customization and supply.

At Boga Oriental Rugs, we are oriental rug specialists. Period. Oriental rugs runs in our veins and it's part of our soul. Our rug making roots span generations and our traditional hand manufacturing techniques are used even today at our Turkey location.

We are a one stop oriental rug dealer not only for customers in the San Francisco Bay Area but for everywhere in the USA. And, because we get involved with all aspects of the rugs, we develop long term relationships with our customers. They have trusted us for decades to take care of their prized possessions and we do so as if it were our own.

Interior Designers


We understand the special needs of interior designers and have worked with many in New York, LA and San Francisco.

Our hand woven rugs can be custom made to fit your design requirements from size, color, pattern, texture to style -from the popular traditional version to an upbeat modern type.

You will find that we have a wealth of rug ideas in assisting you with your design requirements.

Give us a call and put us to the test!

Sales, Clean and Repair


Stop by at our store to browse our inventory or check out our gallery on this website. If you have special requirements, talk to us and we will try to get these for you.

All of our repairs are done in the authentic traditional manner. No modern equipment used here. Because we care about these ancient rugs, we treat them with respect and dignity, the same way you do.

There is no job that's too difficult to clean. Drop by for an estimate or call us with your cleaning needs.

Repairing Service


Cleaning Service



Showroom 1
3499 Sacramento St.
San Francisco CA 94118
Phone: 415-567-1965
Fax: 415-567-1440
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